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Hunslet No.1786 ‘Courage’ / ‘Sweet Pea’

Built Weight Length Status Wheel
1935, Leeds
6 tons 12 cwt
14' 2" (4.3m)

Courage, otherwise known as Sweet Pea, was built in 1935 by the Hunslet Engine Company of Leeds. I worked for the Courage brewery in Alton, Hampshire where it shunted wagons of supplies and beer to and from the mainline. After many years of little use it was advertised for sale in the September 1967 Railway Magazine. Following purchasing it arrived at the Middleton Railway in 1968 on a lowmac wagon. Despite only having 22HP it proved vital in the maintenance and rebuilding of the line gaining the nickname ‘Sweet Pea’. It remains in near original condition and sees intermittent usage at events but remains on display in the engine house.