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Hudswell-Clarke No.D631 ‘Carroll’

Built Weight Length Status Wheel
1946, Leeds
14 tons 0 cwt
20' 4" (approx 6.2m)

Carroll was built in 1946 for Keighley Gas Works where it worked until autumn 1966. It was then moved to Birkshall Gas Works in Bradford. The locomotve is powered by a de-rated Gardner 6LW diesel engine (60HP rather than 107HP due to gearbox design). This drives through a clutch and three speed gearbox to a jackshaft. 

With the end of gas production an Birkshall in June 1969, Carroll became surplus to requirement. Around the same time the railway was looking for another diesel locomotive to share the workload. For the price of £75 Carroll was purchased and arrived on the line in December 1969. It was put straight to work hauling its first freight service the day it was unloaded. 

It soon received a repaint into signal red and later blue. The corrosive environment of the gas works had taken its toll on Carrolls bodywork so it was withdrawn in the 1990’s for a through bodywork overhaul. This saw it repainted into its original lined green livery before reentering service in 1998. It can now be seen hauling the occasional train, operating at galas and on display in the Engine House.