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Hudswell-Clarke No.D577 ‘Mary’

Built Weight Length Status Wheel
1932, Leeds
21 tons 0 cwt
23' 0" (approx 7m)

Mary was built in 1932 by Hudswell Clarke of Leeds for use at Beswick’s Limeworks in Hindlow, Derbyshire. It operated alongside a fleet of narrow gauge diesels and a 1930 built, 90HP  ,standard gauge, 0-4-0 Mclaren diesel engined locomotive all of which were built by Hudswell Clarke.

Mary was the third standard gauge Hudswell Clarke diesel to be built and became the pride of the fleet at Hindlow. It was the preferred loco being able to haul 407 tons on the level at 7MPH. Despite the dusty conditions of the limeworks Mary was kept in pristine condition both cosmetically and under the bonnet. 

In 1972 it was donated to the Severn Valley Railway where it saw little use due to its size and was eventually stored. After 8 years it was purchased privately and transported to Middleton in October 1980.

Due to the uniqueness of its original Mirrlees, Bickerton & Day diesel engine it was removed and sectioned for display at the Manchester Museum Of Science And Technology. It was replaced by a Gardner 4L3 engine producing 102HP. 

Mary features many components similar to those on a steam locomotive such as a regulator as a throttle and chimney for the exhaust. It remains operational and sees occasional use including at galas. When not in use Mary is displayed in the Engine House alongside fellow Hudswell  Clarke diesel ‘Carroll’.