A Party train at Moor Road

When Party Trains Run

Normally party trains can run on most operating days, from Easter until the end of October, except when we have special events on.

Trains on Saturdays and Wednesdays (during school holidays) are normally diesel hauled, and trains on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays are usually steam hauled.

What We Provide

For a party train we reserve and decorate one coach for your exclusive use. You or your children can enjoy the party with friends whilst the train travels between Moor Road and Park Halt stations on our normal passenger service. If you like you can leave the train at Park Halt and explore the ancient woodland of Middleton Park, returning to the train before your last party train departs!

Party trains run either in the morning or the afternoon. In each case the train makes three return trips.

We have more detailed information sheets for you to download, please click on the time you require:

We may also be able to arrange parties for other occasions. Please contact us for further information. (Details under ‘how to book your party’)
Cakes in our cafe


You are welcome to bring your own food for consumption either on the train or at Park Halt. Hot and cold drinks and confectionery are available at our Moor Road shop.

If you wish we can arrange for food to be provided for your party, supplied by Megabites of Rothwell, from £6 per head. Please ask for further details.

We regret that your own party food can not be eaten in our cafe area, nor games played inside that area.

A Party train at Park Halt

How much will your Party Train cost?

The fares for a party train depend on the size of the party, and are as follows:

  • For a party with up to 20 people (aged 1 or over), £85.
  • For a party with up to 30 people (aged 1 or over), £115.
  • For a party with up to 40 people (aged 1 or over), £145.

Please note that other discounted offers can not be applied to these prices.

How to Book Your Party

We regret that we do not yet have any facilities for booking party trains online.

Instead, to obtain more information or to make a booking, please either:

  • Call in at our Moor Road station on any day when we are running trains
  • Telephone us on 07376 744 799 (but only between 10am and 4pm, please)
  • Email us on partytrains@middletonrailway.org.uk

As the Railway is run entirely by volunteers, please be aware there may not always be somebody available to take your call. If that is the case then please leave your name and telephone number and message and we will call you back within a few days.

All dates are offered as “subject to being available” and we operate the bookings on a first come first served basis.

A Train arriving back at Moor Road

See What Others Have Said

We held our son’s 3rd Birthday here last Saturday and it was amazing! He and his friends loved every minute of it and they were all so excited!! It was non stop fun and the train carriage was perfect – we had plenty of room and being able to get off at each end was great as the end platform has a large grassed area where they can run wild for a bit and gives you time to do group pictures or play games – we did the pinata there. The staff were absolutely amazing and they all clearly love their jobs and seemed as excited as we were!! They decorated the train beautifully and hung our special banner for us and made Matthew personalised posters which they gave us to take home. So a very special thank you to all the hard working staff and Janet who managed the booking perfectly smoothly!! We will definitely be back again!!