You are currently viewing Hudswell-Clarke No.1544 ‘Slough Estates Ltd No. 3’

Hudswell-Clarke No.1544 ‘Slough Estates Ltd No. 3’

The Slough Estates Trading Company was a sprawling complex west of London at Slough which had it’s own railway network and locomotves. No.3 was the first all-new locomotive bought to work on the estate. Entering service in 1924, it worked there until 1973 with the closure of the railway. 

The loco came to the Middleton Railway in 2011 and has been a regular performer. It is currently undergoing restoration. 

Built Weight Length Status Wheel
1924, Hudswell Clarke Foundry, Leeds
32 tons 10 cwt
25' 7" (approx 7.8 m)
Undergoing overhaul