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Hawthorn-Leslie No.3860 ‘No.6’

Built Weight Length Status Wheel
1935, Newcastle on Tyne
33 tons
24' 7" (7.5m)

No.6 was built in Newcastle on Tyne by Hawthorne-Leslie as part of an order for six identical locomotives. These were all to work for Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers (APCM) in Swanscombe, Kent. It was donated to the Middleton Railway in 1971 by APCM following it, and its sister locomotives, being replaced by diesels. Upon arrival it entered service following a thorough clean to remove the accumulated cement dust. It soon gained the nickname Sooty as it made large amounts of smoke whenever in operation. In June 1973 it was given the name of Percy by the Rev. W. Audrey who saw it as very much like the character in his famous books. This name has since been removed due to it requiring licensing. After only four years it was withdrawn from service requiring major restoration work. This restoration did not commence until 2001 when it was dismantled for work to begin. Due to focus on other projects, such as the building of the Engine House museum, work ceased awaiting both time and funds. Work recommenced in 2018 with a fundraising campaign launched to raise the funds to complete the necessary work. This work include new outer firebox sides and a new water tank. In 2021 the locomotive returned to service and has been in operation since.