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Sentinel No.8837, BR No.68153

Built Weight Length Status Wheel
1933, Sentinel Waggon Works Ltd, Shrewsbury
19 tons 6 cwt
19' 3" (approx 5.9m)

Supplied to the LNER in 1933 by Sentinel Waggon Works Ltd of Shrewsbury, Sentinel No.8837 spent its entire working life at Geneva Permanent Way Depot in Darlington. It was one of 56 Y1/2 Sentinel locomotives owned by the LNER making them the largest mainline user of Sentinels. 

When built it received the running number of 59 before being renumbered 8153 in 1946. Upon nationalisation it gained the number 68153. In 1954, it got transferred to departmental stock where it once again was renumbered to 54. 

It continued to operate until 1961 when it was withdrawn and acquired by the railway. It saw regular use operating both on commercial scrap and passenger services until it underwent a major overhaul in 1980. Returning to service in 1987 it saw much use both at Middleton in addition to visiting railways across the country including the NYMR and ELR. Following its withdrawal in 1997 it once again had a major overhaul which included the replacement of its boiler. After significant amount of work it eventually returned to service in 2020 becoming on of the most popular locomotives on the line.