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Youth Team Day

On Sunday 6th August the Middleton Railway held an event to recognise the achievements of its
Youth Team, including a recent nomination and runner up in the Heritage Railway Association
annual awards.

The group, formed 6 years ago by Volunteer Manager John Linkins, caters for young
people from ages 14 to 26 and promotes the development of heritage skills including train
operations and engineering.

The group has undertaken a number of specific projects such as restoring good wagons as well as targeted training and regular meetings. Some of the groups’ members have gone on to employment in the rail and engineering sectors as a result of their involvement.

The special event saw the railway being operated by members of the Youth Team with an average age of just 19.4 years and also parents/family members of those involved invited along to enjoy the occasion.

The future of the Middleton Railway relies on young volunteers maintaining their passion and enthusiasm, the day was heralded as a great success by all involved.