0-4-0ST steam locomotive, 'No. 6'

No. 6

Historical note:  this locomotive was named "Percy" in June 1973 by Rev. W. Awdry, author of the series of books based on "Thomas the Tank Engine", on the basis of its similarity to the locomotive of that name in the stories.  The name is no longer carried.

Built 1935, at Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Weight 33 tons
Length over buffers 24' 7" (approx 7.5 m)
Driving wheels 3' 4" diameter (approx 100 cm)
Cylinders 2 (inside), 15" diameter (approx 380 mm)
Previously worked Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers, Swanscombe, Kent
Entered collection Purchased from APCM in 1971
Current status Operational.


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